How I Work

The Process

Through out the process you’ll receive weekly status updates outlining tasks completed, tasks waiting for review and/or assets, what’s coming up next and anything that will impact timing.


Setting Goals and Defining Project Scope

We’ll start with a discovery call to discuss your needs and make sure we’re a good match. Then you’ll complete a client brief to define your website’s purpose and problems.

Questions like these will help me identify the goals of your project.

  • Who is the site for?
  • What do they expect to find or do there?
  • Is the site’s primary aim to inform, sell or amuse?
  • What competitor sites exist and how should this site be inspired or different than those competitors?
  • What do you currently like about your website?
  • What isn’t working for your current website?
  • What would you like to see in your new website?

With this information complete we’ll set goals and define successful launch outcomes.



A sitemap will provide a view of the site’s hierarchy.



Content is the core of your website and the foundation of website design. All content is provided by the client and, because it influences design decisions, will need to be provided before design can begin.

SEO best practices and keyword research should be completed at this stage and is at your discretion.

High quality images are a very important part of your website’s design. If you do not have professional photos, and don’t have the budget to hire one, then we’ll use stock photography.

Content audit and creation can be added at additional rates.


Visual Design

I use existing brand elements to create the visual design in graphic software. It is provided as a static image for your review. This may include a mood board or visual style guide to communicate design direction.

Typically, you’ll receive 2-3 designs for the homepage to choose from and, once approved, will be used as design direction for the remaining pages. You will have the opportunity to make up to 2 design revisions. All sites are designed to be mobile-friendly.


Development, Testing, Review and Launch

Once all pages have been designed and approved the site will be built in WordPress at a staged hosting location. SEO considerations will include H1 tag, meta description, and image alt text.

When it’s complete you’ll have the opportunity to review and approve the site then it’ll be moved to it’s live location.


Hand-off and Post Launch

You’ll receive a 30 days of post launch support that will include minor tweaks and an overview of how to maintain your website.

I offer longer support timeframes and ongoing maintenance packages at additional costs.

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